Anna Barrachina

Anna Barrachina's work has been widely exhibited throughout Spain and other regions of Europe, currently standing out in the Madrid gallery We Madrid. His creations captivate critics and art lovers alike, thanks to his technical skill and ability to convey emotions through color and form. Anna Barrachina is an artist in constant evolution, whose legacy in contemporary art will endure in the collective memory.
In the work of Anna Barrachina, there is an explosion of color and a wide diversity of techniques that define her as a creator. Using thick brushes and a wide palette of mediums such as chalk, cotton, wax, gesso, acrylics and charcoal, his canvases become a canvas of infinite possibilities. Through meticulously executed brushstrokes, stains and lines, he constantly seeks to balance colors and contrasts to achieve a unique visual harmony.
  • Get on the ride, técnica mixta sobre lienzo, 40x40 cm
  • El Punky, técnica mixta sobre lienzo, 38x46 cm